Women’s History Month — Camille du Gast

Born on May 30, 1868 and died on April 24, 1942, Camille Du Gast was considered among the first competitive female race car drivers and motor boat drivers in the world and later known as “one of the richest and most accomplished widows in France.”

Camille Du Gast as one of the earliest women race car drivers.
Camille Du Gast as one of the earliest women race car drivers.

Camille was an accomplished balloonist, parachutist, fencer, tobogganist, snow skier, rifle and pistol shot, horse trainer, concert pianist and singer.  She was the second woman to compete in an international motor race.

In France, Camille later became known for her charity work.  She was president of the French Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, campaigned against bullfighting, provided health care to disadvantaged women and children in Paris from The Great War through and including World War II.  She served as vice-president of the French League for the Rights of Women.

To this author, Camille’s record demands her recognition as one of the most important women in world history whose life and works made a difference in the lives of women and those less fortunate and set the highest standard for selfless work benefitting the lives of others. Sources: Wikipedia and credible source materials cited in Wikipedia.





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