Polluted coastlines, need to restore Everglades, and rising seas pose a potential threat to largest freshwater wetland in the United States

Rising seas, polluted coastlines and the specter of more frequent droughts and storms have lent new urgency to efforts to restore the ecosystem of the Florida Everglades, the largest freshwater wetland in the United States. [Source: Phys.org] See also: » Members of Congress ask Trump to fund Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project (CERP) : See their [...]

Florida loses first, preliminary ruling of the Special Master in the Florida vs. Georgia ‘water wars’ in the U.S Supreme Court, Florida’s shrimp industry in the Gulf hangs in the balance

Florida's U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and Rep. Charles Dunn  plan concerted attacks through legislation to overturn the special master's ruling before the case reaches the  U.S. Supreme Court.  The case is of vital importance to Florida's Gulf shrimp industry.  Without the necessary flow of clean water into the Gulf of Mexico, the shrimp industry is [...]