75th Annual Miami Boat Show–Presidents Day Weekend

The Progressive Miami Boat Show is moving from the Miami Beach Convention Center to the Miami Marine Stadium Park, now under restoration.  The Stadium is on Virginia Key.  Visitors attending may come by car or by boat. The following is a short one minute video on the boat show. The City of Miami has spent more than $14 million in capital improvements in refurbishing the Stadium and providing for permanent parking and boat show additions and improvements.

Amsterdam by Canal Boat

Modern standard canal boat
Modern standard canal boat.

Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands, a European country built over several centuries on an alluvial plain below sea level.  In its latest battle against the sea, the country plans to spend over a billion dollars to protect it against sea surges.

Never before attempted, the plan is a complete reversal of previous strategies.  The plan embraces the sea instead of warding it off.  Through a series of sluices, retention  areas, and impoundments to hold and then slowly release the sea water, the Dutch government expects the plan to protect the country from catastrophic flooding.  Other areas of the world prone to flooding anxiously awaits whether or not the Dutch plan will succeed.