Navigational Hazard in South Carolina: Boaters Beware Watts Cut

As of yesterday, a dangerous navigational hazard has not yet been marked at Watts Cut (AICW mile marker 503). A concrete pole was driven in an angle into the bottomland of the Intracoastal Waterway.,-80.359&z=1 Under certain tidal conditions, the pole cannot be seen above water.  Striking the pole at speed will result in a [...]

Commodore Avylen Harcourt Brook aboard his sloop “Klyo,” in the New River Sound, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

On the sloop "Klyo," in the New River Sound, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were President-elect Warren Harding (in white pants and white shoes, standing in the middle with cap doffed in right hand) and owner, Commodore Avylen Harcourt Brook (short-statured, standing in the middle of two taller men in the stern with flat captain's hat (1922)).  Courtesy, [...]

Col. Gilbert A. Youngberg — Florida Chief of Army Corps of Engineers, in 1922

The nation's third president, Thomas Jefferson, constantly fought Alexander Hamilton, first Treasury Secretary under President George Washington, over Hamilton's liberal views of the Constitution. Jefferson believed in a strict construction of the Constitution. Adamantly opposed to Hamilton's support of a standing (permanent) army, Jefferson supported the Military Peace Establishment Act, which founded the U. S. [...]

Survey of the Intracoastal aboard the Army Corps S/V FLORIDA II Congress mandates a survey of the Florida stretch of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway at least annually. The author joined Col. Alan M. Dodd, Commander of the Jacksonville District and Corps support personnel, along with the federal Waterway's official local sponsor, the Florida Inland Navigation District and its Commissioners, on the survey of the stretch [...]