From the headwaters of the Kissimmee River to the Florida Bay in 2 minutes


In just two minutes, view this heart-pounding video of the Everglades from the headwaters of Kissimmee River to the Florida Bay.  [TAP TWICE ON LINK]

Without narration, the video begins with the the tall grasses of the wetland prairies of the Kissimmee, then to the Everglades, capturing alligators, egrets, and bass as well as tiny snails, against a background of music that keeps pace with the quick  edits.

The videography employs a unique technique in capturing the Ecology of the Everglades. This visual treat takes the viewer over, in panorama, under, and through the Everglades.

Without one spoken word, this masterpiece of videography demonstrates how each animal and plant, even the fresh water, depends upon a working interconnecting system of life in its various stages.

William G. Crawford, Jr., Esq.






Everglades Great White Heron

White Great Heron
White Great Heron swooping down to capture its prey with its beak upside down, using its acute vision and unusual neck flexibibility. In the 1890s, until federal laws were passed against hunting these beautiful birds. Hatmakers used the bird’s plumes for fashionable ladies’ hats for sale throughout Europe.