Sunset at Harbour Town

Gregg Russell concert for young and old at the Oak Tree, Harbour Town Marina, Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, opening into Calibogue Sound (a section of the Intracoastal Waterway).  Russell has brought his troubadour-style folk singing and story-telling to  Harbour Town for over 25 years, attracting hundreds of residents and tourists, some [...]

The Steamboat “Courtenay”

The stern-wheeler "Courtenay" traveled up and down various stretches of the Florida East Coast Canal in the 1890s. Henry Flagler traveled aboard a steamer like the "Courtenay" when he made the first trip to Miami just weeks before making the first trip into Miami on his completed Florida East Coast Railway. Flagler was president of [...]

Whiskers Hangin’ Ten…I think.

Attempting a prison breakout, Whiskers clawed her way to the top. But failed in her mission to escape to the outside. Still, Whiskers had made her way to her first view of the neighborhood. Weeks later, Whiskers finally escaped to the outdoors, sneaking out through an accidentally open front door. She now prefers the luxurious life [...]

Florida Bromeliad

The Bromeliads are a family of monocot flowering plants comprising 3,170 species and found mainly in the tropical Americas. A pineapple is a bromeliad. By 1900, Florida grew more pineapples than any other place in the world, including Hawaii. By 1910, Hawaii became the number 1 place in the world for pineapple growing. Florida would [...]