Transport Aqueduct in Wales Designed by Thomas Telford (1806)

Designed by acclaimed British bridge designer Thomas Telford, this metal transport aqueduct is 304 meters long and was completed in 1806. Before Telford began designing transport aqueducts in iron, aqueducts were constructed for centuries in brick and mortar.  Brick construction, however, was not impervious to water leakage even though similar construction methods were used as [...]

1889 Survey of New River Inlet at Fort Lauderdale reveals littoral shift of 4,500 feet

Artur F. Wrotnowski, another civil engineer and graduate of West Point, performed the ground survey of the proposed Florida East Coast Canal (Intracoastal Waterway) for acclaimed Chicago railway and inland waterway engineer Elmer Corthell whom the Florida canal company had engaged to render the final survey in 1888. In examining the work that lay ahead, [...]

Middle River tributary to the New River (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) site of Ramie growing

  In 1892, U.S. Senator Duncan U. Fletcher (a strong backer of the Florida canal company) and others attempted to exploit a form of fiber called Ramie. Several Florida canal company officials became increasingly interested when an inventor obtained a patent on a decorticating machine that efficiently stripped useful fiber from the plant, yielding many [...]