History of the Lake Worth Drainage District, the election of Gov. Napoleon B. Broward, and the second Waterway ‘Renaissance

The election of Theodore Roosevelt and Florida Governor Broward (1905-1909) brought in renewed interest in inland waterways and drainage across the Nation. Roosevelt convened the National Drainage Congress at the White House.  Governor Broward began his plan to drain the Everglades by dredging four canals from Lake Okeechobee to the east coast of Florida and [...]

The Ancient Floating Gardens and Canals of Mexico City’s Xochomilco (“So-Cho-Mil-Co”) Part I

Predating the Hispanic Period and geographically south of the main capital city of Mexico was an ancient large lake called Lake Xochomilco. Over the centuries, beautiful flowers and agricultural products were grown above the water on tall stalks, anchored to trees and filled in the rich mulch and soils from the lake bottom. Eventually, early farmers [...]