Sir Sandford Fleming

Chief engineer of the Canadian and Pacific Railway, Sir Sandford Fleming was also the designer of Canada's first adhesive postage stamps. In 1892 Fleming and his son, Sandford H. Fleming, as well as several other Canadians became interested in the inland waterway being dredged along the east coast of Florida.  In a matter of time, [...]

Florida gray Ibis.

The Florida gray Ibis in its wet,marshy habitat. It consumes the smallest sea animals, mollusks, and sea grasses. In turn, larger predators like snakes and alligators occasionally find sustenance in consuming the Ibis. In the early 1900's, Florida women leaders like Ivy Stranahan led the fight in stopping the hunting of water birds solely for [...]

The ubiquitous panda

After escaping from Panda prison in China for having too many babies, Panda crossed the Bering Straits, making her way down the California coast to Tinsel-town, where she made three 3-D movies with Jim Carrey; a career in movies seeming much too dull and unrewarding, Panda again escaped to San Diego to a peaceful, carefree [...]