Ireland’s Seven Great Canals and a Network of Smaller Inland Waterways

The Great Irish Waterway Renaissance parallels the tremendous interest in and expansion of the inland waterway of America, beginning with the building of the Erie Canal from 1817-1825 in New York,creating a direct link between New York City and the Great Lakes.  While the railroad rendered obsolete the inland waterways in America for the most part, seven great Irish inland waterways still exist along with a network of smaller canals in Ireland.  Ranked by length, the seven longest rivers are the River Shannon, 224 miles; the River Liffey; the River Lee; the River Swilly; the River Foyle; the River Lagan; and, the River Erne.

The video is a trip traversing the great canals still in use in Ireland while few great canals remain in America, a land still in a rush to go nowhere in particular as long as one has an iPhone and a cup of Starbuck’s coffee.  Enjoy the slow travel of the canal, put away your iPhone, and avoid the distractions of everyday life.


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