Should the Plan for Everglades Restoration include an Element Addressing ‘Sea-rise’

Are we restoring the Everglades just so the ocean can swallow a lot of it back up? Eighteen years into the multi-billion-dollar restoration of the Everglades, a scientific review committee called Wednesday for a broad re-examination of future projects in light of the changing climate and rising oceans. The National Academies of Sciences, which issues a report [...]

A decade- billion-dollar deal to restore the Everglades historic flow dead (December 17, 2018)

A decade-old billion-dollar deal in which the state would have bought out the nation’s largest sugar cane producer and restored the Everglades’ historic flow is dead. The South Florida Water Management District voted quietly to terminate a remaining option of the 2008 agreement in which the state would have bought out U.S. Sugar Corp. Central [...]

4Ocean Recovery Ship 🚢.0

4ocean, an ocean cleanup company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, will unveil their new Ocean Plastic Recovery Vessel, a 135-foot vessel outfitted with 48,000 gallon fuel tanks, 30,000 gallon water tanks and 14 cabins. The OPR Vessel will assist in the gathering of plastic and trash at domestic and international locations by targeting local and [...]

The Nile River

Over four thousand miles in length, the Nile River is thought to be the the longest River in the world. Its depth varies between 26 feet to 36 feet; deep enough for most vessels but not deep enough for the large commercial tankers necessary for economically feasible transport for oil, petroleum, and grain. It varies [...]

The Corinth Canal of Greece

The Corinth Canal separates the Peloponnesus from the Mainland of Grcece. The Canal was constructed beginning in 1881 and completed in 1893.  It is four miles long, seventy-five feet wide, and twenty-six feet deep. The solid, layered rock sides rises 270 feet high above the waterline. For comparison, the sides rise 27 stories above the [...]