The expanding mass of southern polar sea ice

Like the North Pole, Antarctica has a geographic South Pole.  Both are surrounded by a a massive ring of sea ice.  Ice floating in small pieces on the ocean instead of large chunks or glaciers.  In the case of the South Pole, Antarctica is one of the seven continents on Earth, is considered a “desert” because it is one of the driest places on the Earth, and is one of the seven continents.  More than

Dramatic increase in Southern polar sea ice since 1979
Dramatic increase in Southern polar sea ice since 1979, Courtesy, National Snow & Ice Data Center.

than 99% of the continent is covered by ice.  Sea ice surrounding Antarctica has dramatically increased since 1979. Courtesy, National Snow & Ice Data Center.

The astounding news today is that millions of square miles of sea ice surrounding the South Pole has accumulated since 1979.  Ordinarily this would be great news to those who do not subscribe to “global warming.”  However,  “sea ice” surrounding has increased since 1979 but not by the same amount.  Specialists in the study of climate further point out that there are myriad factors influencing the warming of the Earth such as the temperature of the Southern Ocean, carbon dioxide saturation rates in the atmosphere, and wind currents in and around the South Pole.v

Finally, the “all things being equal” principle may be at work.  It may be that all things may never be equal at any time certain given the number of factors influencing the temperature of the earth, the lack of uniformity in geography and the amount of carbon dioxide saturation in the atmosphere. One thing is certain. This debate will be heated and will last for a very long time, without even aconsidering whether a rise in water levels can be attributed to human activities.

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