The shrinking northern polar ice cap

Shrinking northern polar ice cap
RShrinking northern polar ice cap.

Since 1979, as asserted pictorially above, the northern polar ice cap has diminished by more than 20%.  We may conclude that as a result of one or more factors, alone, simultaneously, or sequentially, perhaps a rise in temperature alone, or greater than normal heat, melted away a substantial portion of the polar ice cap.

Second, as the syllogism goes, some portion of the Earth’s population, perhaps a very small number, believe that this rise in temperature will cumulatively increase sometime in the future and cause a rise in worldwide coastal sea levels.  In the United States, a substantial portion of the population resides within fifty miles of the coastal United States.  Worldwide, substantial populations inhabit sea-level areas, such as the Polynesian islands and other island nations.

Third, are their additional factors to take into account, such as a rise in carbon dioxide levels, as deforestation continues unabated?  If carbon dioxide levels grow, will the protective layer of ozone surrounding the Earth diminish, allowing the Sun to further increase temperatures world-wide?

Is this something with which all nations should be concerned?  And if so, what should be done about it and why?  Please state your location.

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