More on use of federally funded space assets for private use

Ed. The author of now 300 posts began this odyssey by focusing on inland waterways, water transportation, weather, and some of the issues  of interest to readers. The attempt has been to be educational and informative, not didactic or polemical. In another posting, I have challenged the use of federally funded Kennedy Space Center and adjoining Patrick Air Force Base assets by billionaires who seek to sell flights into the upper atmosphere or space beyond the earth’s atmosphere.  The title of the preceding post is verbatim the title of an article which recently ran in the Naples Daily News.  The thrust of the article is the appearance of Florida governor Rick Scott  to present an award to Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon and a “public-private” venture to send private individuals into space at Kennedy/Patrick on vehicles for profit. I have challenged the use of federally-funded Kennedy and other space center assets by billionaires for profit.

I strongly disagree with the use by billionaires of public property for profit making purposes, as reported.  If they can make a profit, why can’t the American people?  Papers on both coasts of Florida have weighed-in on the subject, but very little has been reported by the south Florida press.

Florida should be rewarded as space becomes more accessible.   (Naples Daily News, Wednesday, November 11, 2015).

The author of “Florida’s Big Dig” and these serious postings takes issue with the news article as published.

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