“Florida’s Big Dig” on sale on Kindle

The author of “Florida’s Big Dig”, the story of the Florida link in the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway from Jacksonville, Fla., to Miami, Fla., 1881 to 1935″ announces that this book is officially online from Kindle in its full electronic form, and complete with illustrations, at a sale price of $9.95 on line.

The illustrator -- Ana Larrauri
“Florida’s Big Dig”

In publication since 2007 in hard bound and soft covers, this book is authored by William G. Crawford, Jr, Esq., Florida attorney and historian, and the author also of the following postings at http://www.FloridasBigDig.me and the postings at http://www.FloridasBigDig.com.  This book received the Florida Historical Society’s Rembert Patrick Award in 2008 for the best academic book on a Florida historical topic.

Ana Larrauri, a Miami commercial artist, rendered the full-color front cover, capturing all of the major themes in the book.  The study guide may by downloaded at no cost by searching for the words and phrases “Florida’s Big Dig” and “Study Guide” on the Internet.



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