WSJ post on loss of Google founder’s satellite during explosion of SpaceX missile at Cape Canaveral Launch Pad 40

This is yet another posting on the explosion of private property on a launch pad built by federal taxpayers and leased to SpaceX, a private contractor.

Not to belittle the accomplishments achieved by SpaceX, taxpayers must ask the tough questions as the chirping of birds is heard in the background of the explosion. What damage is done to the environment each time an explosion like this occurs. The federal facility is near a federal wildlife preserve.

Is the rent paid by billionaires like Musk fair to the taxpayer to compensate our government, we the people, for the damages sustained by wildlife as well as the improvements made at taxpayer expense over the last fifty years? I doubt it.

And how much is the buy-in for this high stakes gamble? It is clear that democracy falls apart when government privatizes public property only the extremely rich can bid to acquire. This isn’t an invitation to bid on toilet paper for the Cape. How long are we going to put up with this dissolution of our democracy.

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