SpaceX  launch of Falcon 9 at Launch Complex 40 failed; Once again the News Industry has failed the American public.

SpaceX launch this morning exploded after liftoff with two satellites to be placed in orbit.

Again, news reporters and newspapers have again failed to do their job.

Federal taxpayers are entitled to know what billionaires like SpaceX paid the federal government for the use of federal property accumulated over FIFTY YEARS.

What did SpaceX pay for the use of federal property, intangible property like research and development, and engineering; and for tangible property like water, roads, electricity, sewerage, treatment, real property, (the flight looked like it flew over the Intracoastal Waterway) so how much was paid for overflying the ICW?

How were the payments calculated?  Who calculated them?   What manual or guidelines were used? The public demands answers. I demand answers. And I will not rest until I get the answers.

TheThe above is NASAs videotape of liftoff to explosion; not the SpaceX cheerleader version.

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