Master Plan for the Corps’ Restoration of the Herbert Hoover Dam (Video)

Author’s commentary of the plan and video.  Tap on the link below to see video.

The video you are about to view appears to represent the Corps’ plan.

But as the story of the Dam restoration unfolds over eight decades from crude levees to more sophisticated levees, the plan appears to reflect merely short-term appropriations of funds, e.g., that address  “fixes” instead of a real overall plan that assures taxpayers living in Southwest and Southeast Florida that an overall plan will provide protection or something short of “complete” protection. Without assigning blame, the “system” apparently leaves the taxpayer hanging if the latest fix doesn’t provide complete protection to at least some of the taxpayers living around Lake O.

Will Congress appropriate and spend ALL of the money necessary to protect the taxpayers?  If Congress fails to appropriate the amount the Corps requires for any future budget requests will we be worse off with the fixes then in place?  In other words, is the master plan an ‘all or nothing’ plan or will future “fixes” provide any tangible benefits to the taxpayer?

Judge for yourself. Let me hear ftom you.  And now for the video, about 6 minutes long:



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