A house in Germany: what’s wrong with the simple rectangle?

A modern home in Germany
A modern home in Germany

Some of the modernist or post-modern architects wouldn’t know a straight line if it was the shortest distance between two points or the most direct route between New York and Miami.  Every year, they bring home a truck load of trophies, awards and more than their fair share of the commissions. Yes, they are different. But the last time I checked reality, a two by four piece of lumber was still straight and a standard concrete block presented two straight surfaces, creating a level finished surface.

Enough of biomorphic or even polymorphic surfaces. Biomorphic imagery is for artists like Jean Arp. I like sculpture by Arp. But not architecture.
 Most biomorphic buildings generate the most law suits because contractors use a straight edge to lay out and build a building. They leak like crazy. And interior designers went to school to fill a rectangular shaped building.
Not a circle.  What do you get when you fill a garbage can with bricks?  A lot of wasted space. A dysfunctional garbage collection scheme. Has the world gone mad?

Give me the straight lines of the rectangularly shaped building.

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