From the Water: Healing the Indian River Lagoon

This well-researched documentary, “From the Water,” tells the story of how the Indian River Lagoon has become out of balance as a self-sustaining ecosystem.  Important sea grasses, clams, and crabs which had become abundant for centuries have been affected by run-off from land development, browning of the water from bacteria external to this portion of the Intracoastal Waterway, and other external sources with the result of heavy, thick “muck” now covering the bottom lands.

This muck is not conducive to the growth of the smallest food sources for clams and crabs, long the basis of employment for those who have harvested crabs and clams for generations along the Indian River Lagoon.  The documentary explores the efforts of research institutes and universities engaged in finding answers to the reduction in populations of crabs and clams as well as the elimination of sea grass growth. An important takeaway from this documentary is how quickly ecosystems that have sustained sea life and the livelihoods of those engaged in harvesting sea foods for generations can become out of balance by human intervention, often unintentional and entirely innocent.  The film is informative, taking neutral political positions and emphasizing the importance of disseminating the science behind how ecosystems become out of balance.

From the Water: Healing the Indian River Lagoon

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