The Re-Opening of the Cooper-Hewitt/National Design Museum

In 1901, the Andrew Carnegie House, terrace, and Gardens opened practically in ‘sticks’ at Fifth Avenue and between 91st and 92nd Streets in New York City.  Andrew Carnegie and his family.

Years later, the House, Garden and Terrace became the Cooper-Hewitt/National Design Museum, a property of the Smithsonian Institution.

After years of planning and adhering as much as possible to the original designs and renovation the House as well as the Terrace and Gardens (now known as the Arthur Ross Terracce and Gardens).  designed by Richard Schermerhorn, Jr., New York City landscape architect, engineer, and planner,.now awaits the official opening of the Museum. If you are interested, I encourage you to read the over-the-top brochure accompanying this posting. My biographical essay on the life and work of Schermerhorn was used in authoring the official history of the Museum.

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