National Drought Monitor- September 8, 2015, now drought in S.C. and La.


TheNational Drought Monitor is published every two weeks. Over two hundred climatologists, geophysicists, and ther experts in predicting the weather measure the various levels of drought throughout the country. On the basis of these quantitative predictive models, the federal government attempt to measure qualitatively the severity of drought and its length in time.

The Far West continues to show the most severe levels of drought for the longest periods of time. California continues to be under governmentally imposed water restriction. With large reservoirs in the West showing drastically falls in the levels of water in reserve for drinking and for agricultural purposes. By far, agriculture consumes the greatest amount of water. Thus, water shortages should show food shortages inasmuch as California has been for years the nation’s ‘breadbasket’ in many areas of foodstuffs.  This report now shows “severe drought”  conditions predominantly throughout South Carolina and Louisiana.

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