The Suez Canal — 150 years and counting

This is a forty-five minute documentary film.  Having been the author of “Florida’s Big Dig,” I participated in the making of the Modern Marvels documentary on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.  I know that the organization makes every effort to get its facts straight because when I suggested changes in the script for accuracy, the producer/writer made them. Later, I asked the producer why he bothered to make the changes. His answer: he didn’t want to receive 10,000 letters telling them they were wrong!  So, I can attest to their diligence.

What is fascinating in 2015 is that the Suez Canal Authority is embarking on a mega-project to enlarge the Suez Canal just as the Panama Canal finishes within the next six months its enlargement to compete for the business of the ever longer and wider new cargo vessel one thousand feet long and longer. Even more fascinating is that these two canals actually compete against each other for the world’s cargo business.  A third competitor may be mega-cargo ships taking the arctic route to reduce mileage and increase efficiency.

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