The New Thompson Exhibition Building at Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea

One of the world’s most famous nautical museums is Mystic Seaport located at Mystic, Conn. on Long Island Sound and Long Island. It newest addition is the Thompson Exhibition Building. The replica 18th-century French frigate Hermione arrived in Yorktown to make her visit to America, while the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat, the U.S.S. Constitution, arrived for needed repairs in dry dock.

From June 25th through June 28th, small craft registered boaters will share their craft with others. During the same time period more than 100 traditional and classic wooden boats of every type may be seen at the 24th Annual Wooden Boat Show. In addition to exhibitions, Mystic Seaport boasts some of the largest collections of maritime books, archives, collections, and ephemera.

The author has always maintained that the lifeblood of every nonprofit charitable organization is its body of volunteers. Hardcore and committed enough to volunteer their time to a worthwhile organization, these volunteers become regular members, annual and year-end plus-givers, large gift lifetime donors, gift annuitants, and large deferred donors whose motivations may but not always include some tax planning. But the bottom line is always a love for the organization. Mystic Seaport boasts “600 dedicated volunteers.” There are few organizations across America that can lay claim to a number of volunteers even close to the number who volunteer at Mystic Seaport. Something good must be going on at this museum!

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