Jupiter Inlet — Live Webcam


A number of universities and independent scholars have been studying the effects of wind and wave action upon our shorelines. In 1924, a number scholars and politicians formed the American Society of Shoreline and Beach Protection.

Even before the incorporation of this Association, the Army Corps of Engineers had been studying the effects of waves upon shorelines on harbors for national defense and the use of rip-rap and jetties to divert ocean currents in an effort to keep harbors from becoming impassable.

Several years ago, I was invited to board the Corps of Engineers’ (Survey Vessel) S/V Floridafor the annual inspection of a stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway, as required by federal law. One of the experiments the Corps had undertaken was the planting of new shoots of mangrove eroded away by the fast moving Jupiter Inlet current.

The Corps inserted hundreds of shoots inside PVC piping to protect the young mangrove shoots from destruction by the fast-moving current. Several years later, from what we could observe, the young plants had taken root. Today, the plantings are thriving.

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