1889 sketch of Lake Boca Raton

1889 sketch of Lake Boca Raton by civil engineer Arthur Wrotnowski's illustrating a survey for the construction of an inland waterway from St. Augustine to 'Cocoa-nut Grove', Fla., made by Chicago railway and inland waterway engineer Elmer C. Corthell. The survey was made to induce George Bradley and other wealthy investors to join in the [...]

Brigadier General Quincy Adams Gillmore

Brigadier General Quincy Adams Gillmore, Second Florida chief of the Army Corps of Engineers. Gillmore graduated first in his class at West Point. He conducted several surveys of the Florida east coast during his command (1869-1884). In later years, Gillmore published several textbooks, including one on underwater concrete, a necessity in waterway and canal improvements. [...]

Double-tracking Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway, ca. 1928

The completion and operation of the Flagler railway and other railways throughout Florida spelled the death knell for the Florida East Coast Canal and other inland waterways. At first, it was thought that inland waterways would serve as 'rate-regulators', competitors against a monopolistic railway system. As the railway system became more reliable and economical, many [...]