Florida’s Big Dig–the prize-winning book

This book is now available on Kindle in electronic edition at $9.95 per copy as a result of lobbying over an eight-year period, joining its availability in hard bound ($34,95) and soft cover ($29.95) editions.

The illustrator -- Ana Larrauri “Florida’s Big Dig” –the award-winning book

Some might say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. But in the case of this book, you’d be dead-wrong. You can judge this book by its cover. The cover design of my prize-winning book, “Florida’s Big Dig,” was illustrated by an outstanding commercial artist, Ana Larrauri, who resides in the Miami area. Ana perfectly captures the “story” of the Intracoastal. Against a background of varying shades of brown, Ana depicts the three main characters: Henry Flagler, president briefly of the Florida canal company that built the waterway while also heading the Florida East Coast Railway; George Bradley, the primary financier behind the waterway; and J. Hampton Moore, a Philadelphia congressman, founder and president of the Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association, and the prime mover behind a continuous Atlantic “intracoastal” waterway.

The third element is the first dredge used in digging below St. Augustine, a crude continuous chain steel bucket dredge. The fourth and final element is the State of Florida, virtually uninhabited below Titusville in 1881. Florida legislators agreed to grant to Bradley’s company a million acres of state land that motivated the dredging and the formation of east coast settlements and towns.

My book is available online through major outlets such as Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. See my book’s website at http://www.FloridasBigDig.com. A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide is available free online at https://www.MyFloridaHistory.org.

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