SpaceX  launch of Falcon 9 at Launch Complex 40 failed; Once again the News Industry has failed the American public.

SpaceX launch this morning exploded after liftoff with two satellites to be placed in orbit. Again, news reporters and newspapers have again failed to do their job. Federal taxpayers are entitled to know what billionaires like SpaceX paid the federal government for the use of federal property accumulated over FIFTY YEARS. What did SpaceX pay [...]

The Florida ibis — a wading bird

Wading birds like ibises and egrets fail to thrive when water levels are too high for wading birds to reach aquatic plants and animals.  Likewise, during periods of drought and water levels that are too low, the number of marine plants and animals diminishes.  Good ecology attempts to balance all needs to the extent that [...]


  ALL:  As of 6:23 PM EDT, I have posted 508 posts on this website, principally on upon the earth, water, land, some of the underpinning behind my book, "Florida's Big Dig," the story of the Intracoastal Waterway, from 1881 until 1935."  Although I did not apply for the award my book was awarded the [...]

How the Scottish Falkirk Wheel operates

This video is eight minutes long, narrated by a Scottish narrator with English subtitles.  To be clear, the narrator speaks English with a Scottish inflection.  If you desire English subtitles or you are hearing impaired, there is a button on the control panel which you may push to enable this feature. The Scottish Falkirk Wheel [...]