The Beginning — the revival of a moribund ecological system: the restoration of the Kissimmee River

  The start of the rescue of the three-part system began with the restoration of the old sinuous Kissimmee River (above) and its network of a similarly sinuous web of estuaries sprouting in every direction, naturally supplying clean water for the surrounding  prairies, ultimately providing  water south  to Lake Okeechobee ("O"). The first wrong man-made [...]

Flora and Fauna of Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee (or, Lake O) comprises 730 square miles and is the second largest lake entirely within one state in the United States. The Lake, "Big Water" in Seminole," is approximately 15 feet deep depending upon the need to sustain the ecology of the Lake. Lake O is the only lake that may be seen with [...]