Florida Commissioner of Agriculture declares a State of Emergency over Oriental Fruit Fly infestation September 15, 2015

Adam Putnam has declared a State of Emergency as a result of state officials finding an infestation of Oriental Fruit Fly in the Redlands in south Miami-Dade County. A quarantine extends over 87 square miles prohibiting export of fruit and vegetables from the quarantined area.   The area supplies much of the nation's winter vegetables. State [...]

National Drought Monitor- September 8, 2015, now drought in S.C. and La.

. TheNational Drought Monitor is published every two weeks. Over two hundred climatologists, geophysicists, and ther experts in predicting the weather measure the various levels of drought throughout the country. On the basis of these quantitative predictive models, the federal government attempt to measure qualitatively the severity of drought and its length in time. The [...]