Jupiter Inlet — Live Webcam

http://video-monitoring.com/beachcams/jupiter/slideshow.htm?station=Panorama# A number of universities and independent scholars have been studying the effects of wind and wave action upon our shorelines. In 1924, a number scholars and politicians formed the American Society of Shoreline and Beach Protection. Even before the incorporation of this Association, the Army Corps of Engineers had been studying the effects of [...]

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

http://www.floridacruisingguides.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/A-Ponce-Visit.jpg The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse is approximately 20 miles south of St. Augustine. Well-hidden behind a curved inlet and lush vegetation, the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, formerly known as the Mosquito Inlet Light, is the tallest lighthouse in the State of Florida. Constructed in 1836 but only first lit in 1887, this lighthouse composed of brick [...]